Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I arrive at the balloon field?

Please plan to arrive when the gates open for each event. No early admission will be allowed. Scotts Bluff County Sheriffs office, City of Scottsbluff Police Department and Mitchell Police Department will be there to direct traffic. Please plan on purchasing your event pass BEFORE you arrive to the event and display it on your review mirror for quick entry to all of the venues.

How will I know if the balloons will fly/glow?

Please monitor our Facebook page and website for weather cancellations/delays. Rural Radio stations will announce any cancellations or delays. KNEB FM ratio station located 94.5 will have a live remote at the event to announce updates as well. If changes to the schedule are necessary, the will be announced over the PA system (at the balloon field) and on social media. Please plan on arriving to view the event when the gates open. A “wait and see” approach may re-sult in arriving too late and missing the balloons in all their glory.

What items are not allowed at the event?

No weapons, No drones, laser pointers, fireworks, lighters or flames of any kind. No animals with the exception of a service animal, No tents or large umbrellas that obstruct views. ALL bags are subject to inspection. No outside food/drink or coolers. SMOKING OR VAPING IS ABSOULETLY FORBIDDEN ON THE BALLOON FIELD due to the open flames balloons use to inflate and fly using propane. Designated smoking/vaping area will be provided.

Are pets allowed at the event?

The only animals allowed are ADA service animals that are specially trained for a specific job or task. Emotional support animals are not classified as service animals. You must understand that your pets needs and the need to keep our balloon field clear of excrement is the upmost importance. Balloonists must lay down their balloons in the grass to inflate them. How unfortunate if the expensive fabric of their beautiful ballon was ruined by animal excrement. Not to mention others stepping in it, oops! Please do not leave your pets in a locked car, temperatures can reach over 130 degrees in only 10 minutes.

What should I expect when I get to the event?

When you arrive for the evening glows it will be warm. Sunscreen and bug spray are a good idea to bring with you. Food and merchandise vendors will be ready for a great evening meal. Please bring a blanket or folding chair as seating is not provided.

When arriving for the morning launches in Mitchell it might be cool, dress in layers. Be sure to pack your sunscreen and bug spray. Bring a folding chair or blanket as seating is not provided. Our hospitality tent can be used for your convenience for eating and drinking. We encourage you to go out onto the balloon field and watch the balloons inflate and take off.

Can I talk to the balloon pilots?

The balloon pilots are very happy to explain the process of inflating and flying their balloons. The pilots have been provided with balloon trading cards and love giving them out to our guests, just ask politely and they will give you one. Please stay clear of the inflator fans and the flames as the balloons are preparing for takeoff.

Can I take pictures of the balloons?

Hot air balloons are magical and one of the
most photographed objects and we encourage you to capture as many exciting photos
as possible. Photos taken for commercial purposes are not allowed. If you would like to
take photos for commercial purposes, please purchase a vendor pass. Media passes
will be given to official media personnel upon request and approval. Photos taken by
the media may be used for their promotional purposes or advertising. By entering the
property you understand that your photo might be used without compensation or permission.

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